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Robert Abrams, Publisher and Editor
Models dance on the small stage during Fashion and Design week.
Paul Ross


  • StylePointe 2019 - a bold dance-augmented fashion show - 9/12/2019 by Robert Abrams

  • THE WAY MODELS MOVE: So You Wanna Be A Model? - 10/5/2016 by Judith Fein

  • Dancer's Choice Outfit Showcase - Long Enough to Cover the Subject, Short Enough to Keep Things Interesting - 8/3/2016 by Robert Abrams

  • Two Embodied Art Forms Interweave – "Dance & Fashion" at the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology - 12/8/2014 by Charlotte Blumenfeld

  • Outfit Showcase - Flare to the Left, Flare to the Right, Flare to the Left - 3/31/2009 by Robert Abrams

  • Steve Weinrebe


  • Clothing for Baby Ballerinas - 7/8/2006 by Robert Abrams, Steve Weinrebe

  • Costumes by Tutus Divine at the Youth America Grand Prix 2006 - 4/21/2006 by Tutus Divine

  • Reception in honor of Julius Lumsden at the Puccio Gallery - 2/20/2004 by Robert Abrams

  • Another Kind of Blue in 'Hands ON Stage'
    Kim Vos


  • Middendorp's Another Kind of Blue Creates a Complex Mosaic of Sight and Sound in Wave - 12/21/2021 by Helma Klooss

  • Debut Works are a Triumph in NDT2's 'The play between' - 11/26/2021 by Helma Klooss

  • Scapino Ballet Rotterdam's 'Casablanca' lacking compared to the film it was based on - 11/8/2021 by Helma Klooss

  • Netherlands Dance Theater Opens New Season with Flawed 'Skin of the Mind' - 9/29/2021 by Helma Klooss

  • 2021 Winners of Dutch Annual Dance Awards The Swans Announced - 10/7/2021 by Helma Klooss